Uncle Oojah’s Big Annual 1930

The good news is there are still some illustrations by Thomas Maybank in this annual despite his death in March 1929. Unfortunately, the quality of manufacture and materials used in the annual is, if anything, worse than in the previous year. These were hard times for everyone. Even the main story seems to have been written on a tight budget. It is comprised of a series of short visits to characters and lands first visited in more substantial stories in the Twilight Series and reprised in ‘The Children’s Annual’ 1920 and 1921 and ‘The Joy Book’ 1922. Entitled ‘Uncle Oojah’s Flying Visits’, we find the Great Oojah put upon by the Lady Eliza who seeks to ingratiate herself into the household by offering to be his cook. To escape this fate, he sets out in an aeroplane with Snooker, Don, Binky Bear and Jerrywangle visiting Brother Wangle, the Children of Funbeam, King Dingo, Foozle the Wonderman and the Pigmy Pirates amongst others. Everywhere they go they seem to immediately create problems and have to sneak off before the chickens come home to roost. There are some great illustrations but it would be lovely to find the originals as the print quality is at best basic.


It would also be great to know what happened to Jerrywangle’s Blue Bus. Lots of potential here for more mayhem and adventures.


There are  a few two-colour plates and some entertaining black and white images of familiar faces from Oojahland.