Post-war Annuals

As far as I have been able to ascertain there were only four Oojah annuals published after the war. The dates are tentative, based on what I have found on the internet because there are no dates in any of these annuals.

The style and format are distinctive. All four annuals are exclusively Oojah related with no other stories, features or games. In this respect they differ greatly from the 1920s and 1930s annuals. There are lots of illustrations, all two tone with no full colour plates. The illustrations are great, despite being only two colours. They are dynamic, funny and varied. There are also lots of comic strip features amongst the more substantial stories. The stories still lack the creative and surreal quality of the early 1920s but they are good fun and I can imagine them having a wide appeal to younger children, even today.

These four annuals were published by Pitkin, a company which was only recently (2017) absorbed as an imprint of Pavilion Books. After 1951, Oojah Annuals disapppear.

Later, in 1954, Jerry, Don and Snooker reappeared in the Jack and Jill comics and annuals as a comic strip.There were over 200 appearances over the next four years, all very colourful and good fun, but not quite the Great Oojah in his prime.

By the late 50s, the creator of Uncle Oojah, Flo Lancaster retired. She died in 1963 aged 82, having produced Oojah stories for the best part of 40 years.