Daily Sketch Birthday Club

‘The Daily Sketch Birthday Club’ was overseen by the honorary ‘Uncle Oojah’ and on joining new members would receive their certificate and badge. Members would also receive a special card and gift vouchers on their birthday and which were often very generous, for example vouchers for a pound of chocolate, cinema matinees, etc. A club member could become a Member of Honour if they recruited ten or more new members and win special prizes.’ From Stuart on flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/23885771@N03/5661317893

You can also check out another Birthday greeting which seems to originate from the Oojah Sketch supplement in  the 1920s by following this link to a pdf I have no idea where this card is now but it is lovely!

In the 1920s, The Daily Sketch Birthday Club created The Donjeroos, initially billing this as ‘The World’s Greatest League of Youth’. Members could donate a shilling (now 5p) for the relief of distress among the poor and for distribution in children’s hospitals. If you contributed 20 shillings you received a medal of honour. This one belonged to a Harold Smith and is dated 24 April 1928.