The Oojah Annual 1926

I have now acquired a copy of this annual and it is a real beezer! The main story tracks the adventures of Oojah, Jerrywangle, Snooker and Don as they make their way to ‘September’ for a ‘funnymoon’ (a kind of arbitrary honeymoon without all the preliminary fuss of a wedding). After upsetting the local railway staff, the Oojah retinue find themselves enjoying the hopsitality of farmer Honeybee who is delighted with the increased productivity the Great Oojah’s magic bestows upon his farm.

You might struggle like I did to find a copy but you can see the whole thing in colour online at the University of Florida library Well worth a look. It’s wonderful.

The images shown here now are from my copy. These images can also be seen on pinterest and seem to have been removed and sold as art prints.

This also begs the question, where are Thomas Maybank’s originals? Have they survived? Not even sure what size they would have been originally. Perhaps there are some plates lying around at a print works. Seems a forlorn hope. March House seem to have had a copy of this annual but I believe it went to auction a few years ago. They have it listed as 1925 (which will be when it was published), but it is the 1926 annual). More information please!