The Oojah Annual 1926

c0aa339b62c3248b9e513c0134492b20I do not own a copy of the 1926 annual and have never seen one for sale. You can, however, see the whole thing in colour online at the University of Florida library have one. Well worth a look. It’s wonderful.

The images shown here were part of the 1926 annual. They seem to have been removed and sold as art prints. No doubt, if someone owns them they will contact me (please). I won’t tell you anything about the stories in this annual as you can check them out for yourself at The University of Florida link above. I lifted these images from pinterest and ebay but have not been able to trace them back any further.

This also begs the question, where are Thomas Maybank’s originals? Have they survived? Not even sure what size they would have been originally. Perhaps there are some plates lying around at a print works. Seems a forlorn hope. March House seem to have had a copy of the annual but I believe this went to auction. They have it listed as 1925 (which will be when it was published, but it is the 1926 annual). More information please!