Oojah House – The Story of Flip-Flap’s Little Mansion

The Oojah House 1921

This is a one-off Oojah story in a booklet, published in 1921 by E. Hulton and Co. Ltd. As a story it is not especially exciting although there are plenty of mishaps as the Great Oojah attempts to set up his London residence. The real treat is the artwork. Thomas Maybank enhances Oojah’s character with great expressiveness and humour. Flip-Flap, the Great Oojah, shows true class in his stylish outfits. He narrowly misses meeting George V. He also attempts to buy the fountain at Picadilly Circus. Snooker puts Oojah on notice until the mansion comes up to scratch. After losing his house and then his keys, Oojah eventually lets the furnishing company take over. After an epic journey in a taxi, in which Oojah cannot fit, they finally get home again and settle into their newly furnished mansion.