Uncle Oojah’s Annual 1951

‘Uncle Oojah’s Surprising Holiday’ is not so surprising if you have read previous stories. Firstly, there are rarely encounters with motor cars which do not result in car wrecks. Secondly, there are generally some fuzzy foxes and/or crying crocodiles on hand to disrupt proceedings. Thirdly, a visit from Professor Foozle is likely to exacerbate the state of chaos. At least the Great Oojah took his holiday preparations seriously enough, “I shall want fishing rods, golf clubs, my swimming suit, the big striped sunshade, my sun glasses, field glasses, some thermos flasks, the picnic basket, oh, yes, and plenty of cigarettes and fruit for the journey…”

It is such a shame he drove the whole charabanc into a river not more than a few yards from home. Still they had a surprisingly good holiday at home and made an excellent job of creating a fun fair in the Blue Forest, in spite of Fuzzy and Wuzzy Fox and a sinister, submerged crocodile.

The fire hazard has not diminished. Uncle Oojah’s slippers burst into flames (he is wearing them) and are only saved in the nick of time by a parrot called Joe and a jackdaw named Jack. ‘Jerrywangle’s Accidental Christmas’ features a giant pudding and some extra strong horse embrocation.

Again there are a few short comic strips and a couple of indoor games, but everything is Oojah themed with no other features and only one colour throughout. This seems to be the last Oojah Annual, although there was a revival of sorts in 1954 when some short comic strips of Snooker, Don and Jerry appeared in Jack and Jill comic and also in the Jack and Jill annuals. But there were no extended Oojah stories after 1951 that I can find.