The Oojah Annual 1936


The 1936 annual deviates from the previous seven years in that it is primarily about the ‘Little People’ of Oojahland. As Uncle Oojah explains, ‘Don’t think I have become tired of telling you stories, but Binky begged so hard to give them a chance to have goings on by themselves’.

The main story focuses on Binky Bear and his chums at a school run by JerryWangle and Snooker. To describe it as anarchic would be understating the situation, especially once it begins to snow. The parents seem powerless to control their wayward children until Lord Lion steps in with a cunning strategy to wear down the striking scholars.

This is also the last annual in the ‘cardboard breeze block’ format. From 1937, the physical quality of the books begins to improve again and we even get full colour plates relating to the Oojah stories for the first time since 1927.

Like its 1930s precursors, this annual is full of activities and short features. You can make a game with a cotton reel, cut out a hunting scene and create an egg-cozy in the shape of a rabbit.

There is an Oojah Christmas story with several Father Christmases and plenty of the usual mayhem assisted by a lot of snow and ice.

As with all the 1930s annuals the colour plates consist of two colours only and they are unrelated to Oojah. From 1937 onwards, full colour plates specifically depicting scenes from the Oojah stories return.