Jack and Jill

The series was revived as the comic strip ‘The Wonderful Adventures of Jerry, Don and Snooker’ running for 203 episodes from 27 February 1954 to 11 January 1958. ‘Jerry’s Jolly Jingles’ featuring Jerry, Oojah’s cousin, ran for another seven months. This was the last issued of the Oojah series.’*  These comic strips appeared in Jack and Jill comics and annuals. Jerry was of course, Oojah’s nephew, not his cousin. These are cartoons rather than whole stories. The once Great Oojah is relegated to the role of bumbling uncle and plays second fiddle to Jerry, Don and Snooker. The difference between these cartoon strips and the orginal Flip-Flap from 1919 is stark. Nevertheless, all credit to Flo Lancaster for keeping Oojah alive all this time (nearly 40 years).

*From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oojah#Revival_Years