The Oojah Annual 1923

This is the first Oojah Annual. There were several books printed prior to this including, ‘Flip-Flap the Great Oojah’ in 1920, one of the ‘Twilight Series for Little Folks’, and ‘Oojah House, The Story of Flip-Flap’s Little Mansion’ in 1921, but 1923 seems to be the first Oojah Annual although it would have been printed in late 1922. Earlier stories appear in ‘Once Upon a Time Children’s Annual’ 1920 and 1921 and ‘The Joy Book Children’s Annual 1922’.

The main story, Flip-Flap’s Wonderground, follows the Great Oojah, Don and Snooker as they descend below London’s streets and go back in time to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Snooker is arraigned by a judge and jury of rats, Uncle Oojah becomes the Queen’s favourite elephant and the friends are imprisoned, attacked by pirates and blown up by an ancient relative of Professor Foozle.

Jerrywangle, Oojah’s mischievous nephew, makes an early appearance in a short cartoon, ‘Jerrywangle’s Whizzing Motor Drive’. The outcome is inevitable. In fact it is hard to think of an example of anyone in Oojahland escaping a car journey without serious mishap.

There are also some great full colour plates, and several comic strips rendered in red and black ink, including ‘A Football Match in Oojahland’ and ‘Flip-Flap’s Accidental Day’.

There are also instructions for making a mountain railway car, a matchbox writing table for your dolls and some terrible jokes.

Why does a duck put its head under water? For divers reasons. Why does it come up again? For sundry (sun dry) reasons.