The Oojah Annual 1939

The Oojah Annual 1939

Just about every major figure in Oojahland gets kidnapped in this annual and there are no prizes for guessing who the villainous kidnappers are. Despite the formation of a special security council known as The Secret Six, one dignitary after another is abducted along with bootloads of cash and treasure. Ultimately the Great Oojah himself goes missing and it comes down to Binky’s new pet tortoise, ‘Timoffy Totter’, and some sophisticated Jerrywangling to save the day.

Again, this is primarily an Oojah annual, with very few other features although P.C. Penny, The Crazy Copper, makes a substantial appearance in a new cartoon strip. Snooker goes off on his travels, Jerrywangle takes over Christmas and a visit from Professor Foozle wreaks the usual  havoc. King Dingo wishes for a brother and then wishes he had not when Binky Bear rises to the challenge. The somewhat self-obsessed Travelling Tiger also puts in another appearance.

There is also an advert for the ‘Uncle Oojah’s Travels’ series of books, although as far as I can tell, only two titles were ever published: The Princess of Persia and Uncle Oojah’s Ostrich Farm. I assume the rest of the travel stories were in the Oojah supplements which ran with The Daily Sketch on Saturdays from 1921 to 1929. If you ever find any of these, please do get in touch!

There should be four colour plates in this annual but someone has removed three in my copy so I would be very interested if you come across a complete one.