The Pigmy Pirates

Here is a link to The Pigmy Pirates pdf at the Library of Congress. The best thing you could do now is actually read it! This is another, very early, great story from the 1920 Twilight Series, by Flo Lancaster with wonderful illustrations from Thomas Maybank. Presumably it was serialised in The Oojah Sketch supplement to the Daily Sketch in the 1920s. It is positively surreal.

As far as I can tell The Pigmy Pirates is one of only three titles that actually exist in the Twilight series (see also Flip-Flap, The Great Oojah and The Children of Funbeam). Others are listed but were (a) never published or (b) have been lost or (c) are sitting on a  bookshelf somewhere, possibly in Toronto or New York. You know where I am. If you have any of these I would be VERY interested.