The Oojah Annual 1950

Yet another kidnapping! The main story, ‘When Uncle Oojah Was Kidnapped’ is great but you begin to wonder why the culprits were not long since incacerated. It is as though the Crying Crocodile, Fuzzy Fox and Lady Eliza have not got form. This time, Uncle Oojah is forced into taking a holiday after a rigged ice hockey match. Bizarrely, Dingo, King of the Dwarfs, has already received information about Oojah’s arrival at a mountain-top castle, from his chief stargazer, and is there to greet the Great Oojah. But after an exhausting ski trip, Jerry and Snooker take their eye off the ball for a few moments and suddently, Oojah is nowhere to be seen. In the end it is radio wielding owls from the Blue Forest that save the day.

There are lots of other great stories in this annual, including ‘The Travelling Tiger’s Circus’, ‘Mr Foozle’s Fiddlestick Farm’ (more conflagrations, this time in the garden) and ‘Major Jerrywangle’. Lots of short cartoon strips too, including a double page feature on Pa Piggin’s, whose house has been mysteriously burnt down. Perhaps, when I get around to writing some more Oojah stories, I will introduce a fire safety officer. Or maybe I should address the kidnapping epidemic first. What do you think?